CSS styles not showing in webview

Dear Replit Community,

For some reason I don’t know of because I’m a beginner, I am not able to see the styling of the html code in the preview of the site when the styling is in the style.css file. But when I view it in a new tab, the code works perfectly. I don’t know if this is just a bug or intentional. Thanks for your help.

Here is the repl link: https://replit.com/@notwonderful/webcreation

Hey @henry.tang welcome to the forums!

When linking the style sheet try using ./style.css instead of /style.css. The ./ shows that the file is in the same directory (or folder) as the HTML file.

I also noticed that you missed a dash between font and family, it should be font-family

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That shouldn’t change anything, it’s still a valid path.

You seem to have the HTML file in a folder, you should have the index.html outside of that folder. Then your path should be: css/style.css.

As @SharkCoding said, you missed a hyphen (-) in font-family, but you also missed a semi-colon (;) after you specify the font-weight (font-weight: bold;, semicolons cannot be left out in CSS unlike in JavaScript).

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