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I will make a CSS class using Teams for EDU on Replit. I will go through basics in CSS and into advanced CSS. If 5+ people join I will make this a reality. The class will be work at your own pace for however long you want to do it for. I will have several units for you to work through. If you have any questions or suggestions PM me. See you there!

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Sounds like a cool idea! I would sign up, but I think I’m past that point in CSS now :wink:

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@RedCoder I will be doing an advanced part as well within the class.

How would it be formatted and how advanced would the advanced class be?

@RedCoder I would do units working through from basic → advanced. The advanced CSS will get into animations and other things like that (if you have suggestions of things to learn tell me). Basic will mostly be getting a feel for it.

How would the classes be formatted? Would it be in such a way that it is an hour zoom call or a quiz/article type thing?

@RedCoder I would make a team that you can follow through at your own pace, not a zoom call. It would be an article esq. that explains everything we do instead of just saying to do it.

I thought so. How long would the course span for?

@RedCoder it would be times of school year from August 15 to May 15. Or I could leave it open forever if you prefer so you can comeback and work on it months or even years after, I just will probably grade assignments during that time frame.

Sounds interesting – it’s free, correct?

@RedCoder its free and always will be, I will always accept new people to join, so it wont be during schools it will last indefinitely, if you want to tell people that would be great.

Sure, I’ll try it! Why not

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I’m good at css, but would like to try

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@RedCoder and @sonicx180 please re-enter your choice, I changed the poll to display the entrees.

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smh, can’t do it august 15-january

@sonicx180 you can do it after, I will be hosting it indefinitely and there aren’t due dates on assignments.

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btw I’ve had experience with Teams for EDU, because I personally have joined one before (my friend set one up for a python class I was hosting, but since I joined, my account was demoted and locked down as a student. I even had to email support to remove my status as a student.

That’s six people! Are you going to start the class?

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@RedCoder yeah, I don’t have many assignments (only 2 as of now) so you will have to wait for me to invite all of you.

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I just realized that if you join a teams for edu class, your account might be locked as a student account. I had this happen a couple years back when a friend and I wanted to host a python class, and I accidentally joined the teams for edu class that he set up as a student (there is no “admin invite link”).