Creating a background using CSS

Does anybody know if it is possible to create a similar image below using only CSS. If anybody can do it I would appreciate the help

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you cannot unfortunately

It is possible to create this using CSS, but it would be extremely complicated and the code would be very dense. I would recommentdusing an SVG image instead.


SVG what would that do?

You mean you cannot use it as an image to be the background?

He can, but he doesn’t want to

I will be uisng it as a background but I will find someone to make me a background that way there are no copyright issues.

Isn’t easier to just use an AI image generator? Like Stable Diffusion or Midjourney?

It’s possible but very time consuming

Don’t those cost money?

Would you be willing to try and make me a background using it I’m trying to fix some probs in my code

It’s better if you use the tool yourself, since the image must suit your tastes and there is plenty of prompts in their database too

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