CPU and RAM running when the site is stopped

How do I request a bounce of my VM to purge whatever is running when the site is stopped?

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I found a post to use ‘kill 1’ and it seems to have taken care of the problem.

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Correction… Something is still running in the background but kill 1 did drop everything (CPU and RAM ) to a reasonable level when the site is stopped but is pegged when running. My last couple of days I have been working one tsx with a few new files with no problem. Currently I reduced that control to a static display <div>...</div> and the render is cached with the last development change.

All repls run background processes (such as the OS, or the code server) whenever they are active. Running kill 1 restarts all of those processes, but they will only come back. A solution to reduce repl resource usage would be to turn off Code Intelligence in Settings

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That handled the process issue but for some reason the page is cached. Can you take look at src/views/TestingView/TestingView.tsx - ClearcutSophisticatedLoopfusion - Replit and TestingView.tsx_arc? Currently it is cached with the TestingView.tsx_arc data.

Thank you for your help. It turns out I wasn’t looking at the whole project and it was a duplicate file.

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Hey @scotttrider!

Please mark this post (or the post which contained the answer to “CPU and RAM running when the site is stopped”) as the solution if it solved your problem so people with the same issue can easily find the solution.

cc: @MattDESTROYER @Firepup650 @NateDhaliwal @SalladShooter

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@python660 Both led to making progress on the project. Can I mark both as the solution?

Hmm… I could try to get a mod to do that.

A Jr. mod could do it, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth imo


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