`could not create static archive`

Problem description:
Can’t create a new static deployment

https://replit.com/@CodingCactus/pseudonaja keeps failing to deploy:

I tried cloning the repo (GitHub - PseudocodeEditor/editor: The codemirror 6 editor for CIE spec Pseudocode) into a HTML/CSS/JS repl and the same thing happened there


  • Clone repo
  • $ npm install
  • $ npx rollup -c
  • Create static deployment
    • Blank build command
    • Public directory /
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In preparation for replies: yes, there is currently an incident going on, but not for deployments, so that shouldn’t be an issue

Can reproduce this. I know what you said about the incident, but I’d like to mention that un-redeployed extensions are currently down as well which are static deployments (using a repl.co URL), so it could be something to take into account.

I was able to recreate the issue for you. It’s going to take a little bit to debug, but I will update you once I am able to make a bit of progress.

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Hi, just an update, I’ve moved this project over to Cloudflare pages now and it’s working perfectly, so no need to rush this investigation if there are higher priority things to do now.

@CodingCactus I’ve been speaking with the team and the reason this error happens is because there is a folder that a script is looking for which does not exist, so the deployment actions fail. Hope this helps narrow down the investigation!

This sounds like a problem with your system, I’m not running any scripts during deployment.

so, .git exists →