Copying a project from one team to another team does not copy the instructions

Problem description:
Im using Replit for Education. When copying a project from one team to another team, it does not copy the instructions file. Please fix this.

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


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Same problem here. None of the instructions copy across.

@cartwrightjd @shavitimprogram
Could you guys try to download the repls and the upload into the other Team you want to copy to? That should work.
(Btw welcome to the forums, @cartwrightjd !)

Thanks for the welcome. Just wondering if this is a current issue or I’m missing something. None of the code copies across either or the assets so it seems a fairly major issue. It’s a fairly important feature.

It’s a bug that has been around recently. Does the download and upload work?

Hey @shavitimprogram!

Your issue might be the same as: Instructions Tab not Popping Up

If so, please follow that post for updates on the issue!

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