Copy paste not working in repls?

or is it just me glitching the copy pastes from one repl to another

Hi @meIs7 !
How is it glitching? Could you elaborate?

if i copy a code and paste it to repl , it simply wont paste and if i try pasting it on my notepad it works

Hi @meIs7 !
You need to press CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste.
Hope this helps!

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still doesnt work , i will screen record the issue in a bit

hi, are you using windows?

though if you can, and if you’re not pasting into the console/shell, try using rightclick and click the ‘paste’, it’s like a last resort with extra steps, should work.

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I think the right-click - paste might be the problem, (I have had had it before) CTRL-V should still work though.

Not in the Shell/Console, it might not. In this case, CTRL+SHIFT+V should work when pasting in the Shell/Console.


update : it was more of a ram issue of my side, my chrome was taking up all of my ram that lagged the copy paste really bad and blocked it sometime, now im using a different browser and that fixed the issue


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