Confirmation Before Tipping

Describe your feature request
When you press any of the three tip buttons, you immediately tip the person, and have a limited amount of time to cancel it. I think that a popup confirming if you’d like to actually tip the Repl would be very useful.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Reducing accidental tips


how does this differ from the timer? I think that the timer is usually more than enough for most use cases, and the popup might actually discourage tipping.

EDIT: You only tip the person AFTER the timer ends. If you somehow run out of battery, you won’t tip the person as the GQL query wasn’t sent yet.


I already made a post a year ago. They haven’t done anything?

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@CosmicBear Yeah, I noticed that after I made this post, and decided to keep it b/c maybe it will bring the attention to the Replit Team. Who knows?

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It’s not that hard to make a confirmation box and it’s a lot easier to see than a timer at the bottom of the screen that is often unnoticed.

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