Common Posting Problems

Hi everyone,

Recently, I’ve been seeing some infringing of some minor guidelines, or just making some choices that are bad for a forum’s quality in general. I am going to go over a few of these problems, and hopefully, they will occur less often.


I’ve been seeing a lot of this recently. Please do not necropost, topics that are usually older than 2 weeks without response would probably be considered inactive. Posting an answer to one of these topics would be considered necroposting because you are pointlessly reviving an old thread. If the user that was looking for answers in the first place hasn’t replied in a while, they probably didn’t get a working response within enough time or found a solution already, and probably aren’t looking for a solution anymore.

If you are facing a similar problem, just create a new topic as information from these posts may be outdated at the time of reply.

Pinging Unrelated Users

While it is nice to be able to get a moderator’s attention quickly, it is not of best practice to ping them every time you need something. Think about how much work they would have if they had to deal with every Ask user constantly pinging them to make their post a wiki!

Unfinished Templates

Templates are there to provide you with a foundation for creating a post. Skipping fields within the templates or deleting them entirely probably won’t provide users with enough information to solve your problem. Usually, all you need is a Repl link and a question you want to ask, but this can vary from post to post.

If you know how to structure your post with enough information for users to help without using the templates, go for it!

This was kind of short, but solving these three issues alone will help fellow users solve your recent problems faster, and put less workload on moderators.