Collab for a social media app

Hello fellow replers! Me and my team need help making a social media platform named Memblu. Any help would be appreciated. Just comment below and you will be invited to the repl.

The repl made in Node.js and uses express and express-ws.


Could you elaborate more?
What are the functions of this platform? What can it do?
(Looks quite interesting. I may volunteer later on.)


Likes, posts, follows, friends, replies/quotes, bios, image uploading chatting, and a CLI.
Later on my team an others will work on an Open-Source Google Docs alternative (Memblu Wryte)
and a Open-Sourced Google Slides alternative (Memblu PreXent)


Oh okay I thought you meant a mobile app. In this case I’d love to contribute my nearly 6 years of web development experience to your project.

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Are you using Replit Auth and/or Replit DB? Or gonna make your own login system, and if not Repl DB then what DB will you be using?


I’ll be using a JSON Database mixed with repl db (hashed info ofc).
own login system + oauth2 so other apps can login with memblu : )


Great! :smiley:
I’ll invite you when you’re ready (just reply saying you’re ready)

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Haha… mixed… like your username… …

But fr doesn’t Replit DB already convert to JSON…?


Well, it doesn’t make sense to reply only “I’m ready” because it’s shorter than 10 chars which isn’t allowed to be posted, but now that I’ve typed all of this,

I’m ready

I would apply but I’m not very good with any languages but Html, Css and python.


The front-end will likely be HTML and CSS, so you could help with that part.

(The backend is JavaScript though)

Ok, I could perhaps have a go at that. I’m also trying to learn a bit of JavaScript so the experience might be useful.

Can I join too please?

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I wanna join too plz

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Also basically what I was saying was can I join too please?


I can help with html and css!

go to: to see some projects


Sorry, I almost completely forgot this existed!

@boston2029 I’ll invite you when my friend comes online. (He didn’t make the repl a team repl :skull:)

@HenryMiles3 same thing as @boston2029

@SnakeByte accepted, same thing

@SnakeyKing Accepted, same thing.

@ChickenG1ttrDev you have thy role!

Check your Replit inboxes shortly.


So who would like to contribute to the backend/api?

Me please if possible, thanks. I can still do both if you want.

I invited you to the repl!