Code won't load

Problem description

I’ve been using Replit in my computer programming class for majority of the school year. We’ve programmed our coding assignments using this specific website. Recently, our codings have not been able to show up on the screen. In other words, we’re able to see and type in our code but now view the program in order to know if the code is correct or not for our assignment. Consistently, we have to press “try again” but there is no hope.

Expected behavior

Our program should be able to show when you we plug in a code.

Actual behavior

When we type in a code into “sketch java” , we don’t see the actual program appear for the “output”

Steps to reproduce

Type in a random code into “sketch java” and try to load your program using “run” at the very top of the screen in orange. Once you do that, you’ll notice to the smaller screen on the right will not load your program and consistently tell you to “try again”. Unfortunately , you’ll end up endlessly pressing “try again” because it won’t load.





Device if mobile



The high school covers our subscription to Replit

Try running kill 1 in the shell, or changing your server location here.

You don’t appear to have the Core plan, perhaps you meant Teams for EDU?