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it will not work btw. See the first post as this is a wiki :slight_smile:


For anyone who is a lot more active, A repl will be made, And i’ll invite whoever they think are active enough to be a part of the seperate game, a .txt file will be shown for reference of the order. And when you’re done making you’re line, you will move the comment block down to the last line for who is next.


@whileTRUEpass its your turn I got nothing. I will be excited to see what i could have put.


@Firepup650 it is your turn

Apparently I was tired at some point, I went before you by mistake and added the for loop. @NataliaKazakiev is next.

Reviewing edit history, I did go before after you, then you went again apparently. Ah well. As long as we add more code right?

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Here it is.

import os
import random
def typewriter(str, pid):
    anagram = ''.join(random.sample(string, len(str)))
    for i in range(500):
       new_anagram =  "".join(random.choice(anagram))
    return new_anagram

The first post in this topic is a wiki, please edit your code into that.

I edit the post, @Firepup650

I think I lost my last braincell.

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I did say I was tired I think. Anyways,

Should have been

I did go after you, but then you went again apparently.

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How do I edit the main wiki post?

Click the Pencil in a square icon in the first post. But please do not do so now, as it is not your turn yet.


Very interesting typewriter function we have here.


Thank you! I tried this earlier, and found that I could not edit the wiki. I tried again just now, still to no avail.

Here is a screenshot.

Remember that it is not your turn right now, but that is how you edit the topic. Does that work?

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By the way guys, you have to be TL2+ to edit wiki posts.

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Pretty sure it’s TL1+ but that’s going off my memory.

TL4 to make other people’s posts wiki
TL3 to make your own posts wiki
TL2 to edit wiki posts


Sorry for being off topic. Look here: What is a wiki post?

see how not-ethan mentions only TL0?


I see. I am only TL1, so I guess I will just post my lines here.