Code Stack! A collaborational game


  1. Players take turns adding one line onto a single program

  2. For general purposes the language used will be python since some people don’t know other languages and python is widely known.

  3. No communication is allowed between the people playing to discuss what the program will be and what the program should look like in the end. (anything not related to the program is obviously allowed because I can’t just seperate you from ever talking)

  4. You can only go forwards, the only exception to this rule is only to edit a line prior because you are fixing an error. (This is the challenging aspect of the collaborational game)

  5. Do not edit the code when it is not your turn!

Set Up:
People will volunteer to play the game, and the order in which they will go will be assigned. From there the game starts.

If someone ever goes inactive for quite some time, the other players can decide and agree upon if they will continue without them. If the person who was inactive comes back after being skipped, the order is restored and the game continues normally to whoever’s turn it is.

When you have made your edit, ping the next person in turn to let them know it’s their turn.

To play, use code snippets. For example:
player 1>

x = 10

player 2>

x = 10


If you want to sign up, just edit your name to the end of the list to join. It’s an open game welcome to anyone who wants to play.

I hope you enjoy and have fun! :heart:


  1. QwertyQwerty88
  2. SharkCoding
  3. doxr
  4. CadenChau
  5. OmegaOrbitals
  6. Darkoknight
  7. whileTRUEpass
  8. Firepup650
  9. NataliaKazakiev
  10. dragonhunter1
  11. ParanormalCoder
  12. lightdefusion
  13. SalladShooter
  14. Idkwhttph
  15. TigerTheCat
  16. haroon
  17. not-ethan
  18. python660
  19. NoahAcker
  20. element1010

Good luck!

Game code:

import os
import random
def typewriter(str, pid):
    anagram = ''.join(random.sample(str, len(str)))
    for i in range(500):
       new_anagram =  "".join(random.choice(anagram))
    return new_anagram
print("This code will never be reached because of so many errors above,  RIP")
x = 5
import this
def main():
from replit import db
print("Database installed")
db_copy, db["history"] = dict([(x, db[x]) for x in db.keys() if x != "history"] + [["history", list(db.get("history", [])) + [random.choice(["Never Gonna Give You Up", typewriter(random.choice("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz".split()), os.getpid())])]]]), list(db["history"]) + [random.choice(["Never Gonna Give You Up", typewriter(random.choice("alphabet".split()), os.getpid())])] if "history" in db.keys() else {"history": [random.choice(["Never Gonna Let You Down", os.getpid()])]}  # Only if you have > 0 IQ then you can understand this.

Next turn is @NoahAcker


I guess I’ll start then.

import os

I almost broke the “no talking rule” with a comment.


ohh does that mean i can’t join.

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Think you still can, just wait for @DefendyPug to get back online.


Looks interesting and easy (in time) enough to give it a try. My goal will be to disrupt the flow :slight_smile:

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Yes you can join Sorry i was asleep


You’d be surprised how smart these people are, each and every one of them shouldn’t be underestimated.


I do not underestimate them at all
maybe a TL4 here should delete all posts so that we have only game posts now


@QwertyQwerty88 You’re first! the game starts now. check the list for who you’re playing with.


Wait Qwerty already went, @SharkCoding your up sorry :laughing:

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Not sure where this is going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

import os
import random

@doxr You are up next.


For this game, patience is required. Everything will come in due time, for there is no rush. There is no time limit. Like the construction of this game, there is only going forwards in time :smiling_face: :relieved:


if @doxr doesn’t do anything for a bit longer, than you guys can decided to make your moves without him until he comes back.

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import os
import random

I hope I didn’t code an error

Edit: so I did. I uhh, changed it. CC: @CadenChau

pro tip: run the code before posting :neutral_face: :joy:

Then you’ll know if you made errors.

@CadenChau its your turn

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import os
import random

@OmegaOrbitals your turn

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Ok, I edited mine aswell.


@OmegaOrbitals your turn now!

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very useful, yes, mhm


agreed, I never saw functionality as useful as this, but alas, i have no room to judge, the program is what they make of it.

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