Code not changing colour

Question: when I type my code I’m a newbie by the way all my code seems to stay the same colour but when I watch the tutorial I’m learning from theirs highlight’s different colours

like when I use \N the tutorials changes to bright purple but mine stays orange they are using Replit as well

anyone have any suggestions my code works as well just the whole thing is one colour so its hard to tell what’s what

Repl link:

code snippet

Maybe you can refresh the page and see what happens.

nope still all orange

I see.
Try this:


and show me what you got for the color/colour

No, the entire code:


not sure if i done it right

Yeah its correct. theres nothing wrong with it
the tutorials probably host their programs on another site or they just have some settings which change their code notation colour differently

see i did think this i think she may have changed it so its easier to follow but i was just checking i appreciate your speedy responses thank you so much

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To add to a what Idk said. What colors show up in your terminal depends on what color terminal it’s using. I.e: xterm, xterm256, etc. I believe replit uses xterm.

yeah but i paid for a course and the woman who is explaining the current lesson when she types \N in her code it would turn bright purple but when i did mine never so i think she may have changed it for demonstration purposes.

Older versions of Replit did that, it was changed :(((

This may or may not be related, but there is an onboard theme editor that allows users to create custom themes.
There is an option to change the color of regular expressions, but after changing the test language to Python and making a string with \n inside, it seems to be unaffected.
Or I may have the definition of regular expression completely wrong, but I’m pretty sure \n counts as one.

Yeah, it does that in some languages, but not Python. Don’t know why.

Made an issue on this.

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