Clientmissingintents error?

im trying to code a discord bot and i keep getting the error clientmissingintents error does anyone know how to fix it?

You must pass intents when you create the bot. It is bad practice, but you could pass 3276799 as the intents parameter to declare the bot should have all permissions.

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what do ya mean by that

What do I mean by which part of it?

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like what do ya mean by passing it?

I think (not sure though) add intents=3276799 when you make the Client object. Again, I will remind you that passing 3276799 assumes ALL intents for the bot, and shouldn’t be used in production.

like right here?

No. In your const client = new Discord.Client() line. Try:
const client = new Discord.Client(intents=3276799)
Once more, 3276799 shouldn’t be used in production, this is mainly just so you can make the bot run.
(Line 3 of index.js)

didn’t work but did throw a new error tho

Hang on, I helped someone with this before.

Try this

const client = new Discord.Client({intents:3276799})
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That’s probably right, lol. (In case you can’t tell, I don’t touch Discord Bots much)

it worked thank you so much im more used the coding Minecraft bots than discord bots lol

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I’m more used to IRC bots than discord bots, lol :slight_smile:

Anyways, if your problem is now solved, please mark pfs’ post as the solution.

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acts like @QwertyQwerty88 , regardless of their request a few minutes ago

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