Change Cycles To Plan Core

I want in the new update, if I have a lot of
cycles, I want to transfer it to the plan core. I hope to receive support from Replit staff and you all.


Hi @StudentKem , welcome to the forums!
What do you mean by


Hey @StudentKem welcome to the forum!

This is possible. Through the question mark on the top right (on the website) press Get Help and than select Billing and say you want to convert some of your cycles into credits to be used on Core


Hi @StudentKem welcome to the forum!

Since you are new to Replit Ask, a suggestion might be to be a little less confusing by removing the unnecessary formatting. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face: * No I’m not british

Also, @not-ethan is right. To clarify, you can convert Cycles to real money which you can use to purchase Replit Core.

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I think @StudentKem means that they want to transfer their cycles to a Replit Core membership. Btw, see lower posts.


You can also head to to convert them, I believe.

That’s to usage credits, not to core.

Okay I thought that might be true.