Can't upload models/large files

I get the above error when trying to upload model files / safetensor files. For example, when I try to upload the following file:
I get the error shown above. (Couldn’t upload second image because I am new forum user)

The error appears when I click-and-drag to upload the file to my repl. If I use the [3dots]->Upload file button, it doesn’t appear anywhere in the repl; I assume it tries to initiate upload but instantly deletes/rejects because of this ‘upload limit’?

Here is my storage limit/info:

Any idea how to upload large files / models / safetensors to a repl?

This might seem weird, but try it.

Make a blank file in your Repl. Name it whatever your file is called including the extension.

Then open your file (on your computer) in Notepad. Copy the file contents to clipboard, paste them into the Replit file. See if it does the trick.

Opening the large files to view their text in notepad took minutes, then copying and pasting them onto the Repl file doesn’t seem to work. The browser window freezes when I paste the text, but I wait it out and when it responds again there is nothing/the text doesn’t get pasted to the ‘pseudo file’ made in the Repl.