Can't switch from monthly to annual billing

Hello, I can’t seem to switch from monthly to annual billing. There is no option through Stripe. I did try to reach out directly to the support found in the account page a while ago, and wanted to check-in about it. Thank you.

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Are you going through If so, did you scroll down to “Deployment”
It should look like this:

If not, then do you know what your device Operating System and browser are?

Hi GlitchJustExist,

Thanks! Unfortunately, I did try that prior and it just redirects after I click the button at the bottom of the Pro plan with the annual toggle on. It redirects

to my stripe with the option to cancel (which I can do if you recommend it and attempt to subscript with the annual plan). However, as of now there’s no ability to upgrade to annual or switch to annual I can see. I tried this on Chrome and Firefox.

Hey, please contact as we have to do this case by case.

Thx for the help Jesse

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