Cant delete files that have been?

Whenever I create a file using the Python “open” function it creates the file just fine. But if that file has been edited manually & deleted, then created again the text manually put there will still be there.

Is this a bug or an intended “feature” either way I would love to know how to get around it.

Additionally I cannot edit the file from within Python if it has ever been manually edited, doesnt matter if it was deleted & recreated. It’s an immortal file that I cant edit or delete from the program.

It is an “intended” feature, since creating a recently-deleted file should restore it (as a way to restore file history). The reason why Python open doesn’t restore the text content is because it directly interacts through the filesystem, not through the Replit website.


Any way to disable that?

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No. You could delete the content from the file before deleting the file, that should get rid of it.


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