Cannot create organisation. (Limit reached message)

I was having trouble with my account which I was using to learn about Teams for education. I couldn’t create teams and I was getting a techer verification required message. I decided to delete the organisation and start again. However, I now cannot create an organisation and I get the message that my limit has been reached. I have now got not organisation and cannot create a team.

I would be grateful for help.

Just so you know, only real teachers and EDU organizations can create EDU teams, so sussy imposters don’t get some of the upgrades for free. The reason that you can’t create another is because Replit is wierd ig


Hi there,

I am a real teacher in a real organsation - that is why I wanted to set up teams for my classes. I am now in a position that I cannot set up an organisation for my school. If there is anyone out there who can give advice on how to resolve this situation then I would be grateful.