Cannot access Replit - Checking if the site connection is secure message

I am with a school district that uses Replit and today teachers and students were unable to access the site. We kept receiving the message" Checking if the site connection is secure. Replit needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding" and could not move past it. One of our network administrators wondered if Replit was blocking Securly IP traffic - perhaps too much traffic from a single IP range? Could that be the case or is this something else? Suggestions for how we can fix this?

Try clearing the cache and cookies of your web browser which can sometimes resolve connectivity issues. Go to your browser’s settings and clear the browsing data.

If you’re experiencing the issue in one browser, try accessing Replit using a different browser to see if the problem persists. This can help determine if the issue is specific to the browser you were using.

Appreciate that thought and we did try that on several machines actually. Unfortunately no luck.

try to contact your network administrator to verify if any security measures or restrictions are in effect. I’m sorry about your situation :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you! The network admin is the person who asked me to post. Her theory is that perhaps Replit may have blocked network traffic from our Securly internet filter. On our side, we don’t have the site blocked and have all the proper domains whitelisted. We put a ticket into Securly to see if they might know of anything on their end but also want to see if it could be something on Replit’s side. Only 2 and a half days of school left and some kids are desperately trying to finish coding projects before grades are due.

I hope you can get the issue resolved, and I’m so sorry for the situation your students are in, if it helps at all CodePen could be a temporary ide to use while you wait, although it’d be frustrating to start from the beginning for any unfinished projects, it’s still an option. Ask replit Support as well if there is any issues on their end.

Hey, @sherrinorton, welcome to Ask.

Probably something else, but I don’t know :man_shrugging:

I don’t know if this helps, but can you show a screenshot? I don’t fully understand.

In the back of my mind i wonder if its with an internet connection issue…

Like not being connected to Replit? A firewall? I do know some sites like Codecademy used to be broken because my school blocked something in the firewall, so this could be a real possibility.

i dont think a firewall is the issue. I could be wrong but i love my intuition.

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In my eyes it just feels like hitting a brick wall :pensive:

Oof. My best bet is that your Firewall is blocking Replit. Perhaps contact the administrator to change this?

That’s the Clouflare WAF (Web Application Firewall) block/challenge page. I think your school’s IP might be on the Cloudflare WAF blocklist. If that’s the case, then really the only thing you can do about it is to either try and contact cloudflare to get your IP unblocked (I haven’t really heard of anyone having success with this) or contacting Replit to lower their WAF security level, which they probably won’t do. :confused:

Your network admin seems to be correct