Can’t Type in Python input()

Problem description

When I try to type in input()’s on the console on Python Repl’s it doesn’t let me, no matter what I do, even though it let’s me type in other places besides the console.

Expected behavior

It should allow me to type in the input()’s and carry out the rest of the code.

Actual behavior

But it instead doesn’t allow me to type and the code can’t proceed.

Steps to reproduce

  • Go and create a Python Repl and put in an input() line, Run the code and type in the console.




Mac OS

Device if mobile



Core membership

Please upload screenshots

Hey @SalladShooter!

This isn’t a bug. You are running code from day 17 (I think) of Replit’s 100 days of code. On that day, they tell you to use this line of code:

from getpass import getpass as input

Which overrides the default input.

Your inputs work, they are just not shown.


@QwertyQwerty88 ah, I see. Thanks, I’m trying to help somebody and never got to Day 17 to see the import and what it does.

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Again, use getpass and import or even add e separation between the 2 inputs, they assume to happen at the same time

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