Can someone explain

can someone explain why this is coming up? I’m trying to take a lesson to learn more about coding

whats the url to your code?

all i did is started the lesson and is came up with this

Unfortunately I was not able to replicate this error, the repl loaded fine for me and ran perfectly.

weird i been noticing this around replit for a while hasn’t happened to me until now

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Yeah, I don’t know because the code worked fine for me.

like i said weird that this has been happening around replit

but i dont see why it does that there but not In my bot im just about to start version

3.0 development from version 2.2

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This kind of thing happens once in a while. It always goes away for me. If it persists, try restarting your browser and/or device. Also, you can always check to see if any errors are showing up there.