Can people see my unpublished projects?

When I make a project on replit and don’t publish it can other people see it?

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Short answer yes. The long answer is well it depends on how.

Before you publish a project it won’t appear on the community page or trending (I think). But it would still be visible on your profile unless you make the repl private.

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Also, even if the repl is private, if it’s a website then anyone with the link can access it


That’s not quite true @LuisAFK . If the Repl is private and hasn’t been shared with another user they should see a 404 error message. However if the Repl is in a Team it is not private, but it is hidden, so if someone has a link they can access it.

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Are you sure? If the Repl serves HTML content, than anyone should be able to access the actual site (not the Repl itself, but its HTML output through its URL


I agree @MattDESTROYER HTML content will be accessible through the hosted link but I thought the question was about a project (I’m inferring something like Python or C). Thank you for pointing out the answer depends on what the project is!

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