“Campaigner” title for Campaigner badge!

I believe it would be a good idea to have a “Campaigner” title!

The Campaigner badge is a rare badge that promotes the forum, currently with only 6 recipients. I believe adding a title would encourage people to continue inviting people and support their comminity.

PS: This is OBVIOUSLY copying @EarthRulerr’s post, but I think it is equally important for the lesser of the 2 badges as well. :slight_smile:


I dont think so. Because by default anybody that joins with an invite link automatically gets TL1. So invite 3 alts and you would have a title.

Wait but can’t you guys see if it’s from the same ip?

Yes I can but we dont actively monitor when somebody gets some badge so we wont see if somebody unfairly gets it.

They have to be basic users though, so unless the person is grinding on alts and their main it won’t work.

But when somebody uses an invite link by default they start at TL1 instead of TL0. So they just need to invite 3 alts and they are done in 10 min.

I have over 10+ people invited, by your reasoning this means I should have the Champion badge. I don’t though b/c the people must be active enough to become a member.

I was referring to the campaigner. Champion is harder but campaigner is easy if you want it

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Oh I didn’t realize lol :rofl:

I thought you were watching my every move 0_0

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