C++ Typography (Works with Python)

A Repl consisting of colors and text stuff, all of these affects also work with Python :slight_smile:


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yup ANSI codes are OS specific, so itโ€™ll work in any linux OS to my knowledge, very cool BTW

EDIT: BTW, try making them const XD

Added! Nice idea, never used const before.

const just makes it so that it canโ€™t be changed :smiley:

Cool, I love ansi codes.
\033[38;2;R;G:Bm for foreground and \033[48;2;R;G;Bm for background lets you use any RGB color, works on any terminal that supports truecolor (ie most linux terminals and iTerm2 for mac, not sure about windows)

Yep, cant be modified. Just never used it before.

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I did not add background because I was too lazy, I might add it later :slight_smile:

Yeah replit buggy as a roach nest so weโ€™ve seen it go actually crazy when trying to combine the two XD


Yeah when I tried using RGB for backgrounds and text it crashed lmao, I stick with the already defined ones.

Update / NEW

I made a template and library for this now, https://replit.com/@EarthRulerr/C-Typography-Library?v=1
Just run the Repl for how to use or use the template and delete the text in int main

cc: @bigminiboss @InvisibleOne