Bug- report HTML webview doesn't reflect code

Problem description:
As part of my excercise in CS50, I must build a website with html and css, after running the html code the webview only shows the background of my page, wich is a gif and I can only see the web totally, when I click on “open in a new tab”. I hope this can be solved because when I have to send the replit link, it may seem that my code doesn’t work. Thanks in advance.

Expected behavior:
Show the preview of the website.

Actual behavior:
It Only shows the background in the webview, but it can be seen completely by clicking on the option “open in a new tab”.

Steps to reproduce:
I think it’s a problem of Replit, because I can see the web perfectly in the other tab option.

Bug appears at this link:

Google Chrome version 114.0.5735.110
Windows Pro version 22h2 Device Notebook Samsung

Hi @avapz , welcome to the forum! For your problem, is the background the starry space one? I am running it on my phone and it works fine.

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Hi, @avapz.

Oh, sorry I think I misunderstood, but I have seen cases where incorrect output is displayed in the webview. Have you tried pulling it up into a seperate tab?

This seems to be a common issue in the past day or so, and is a known bug. Not sure when this will be fixed, but a staff member may make a post soon. I’ll links some similar topics incase you need more information.

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Hi! yes, that’s it, the problem is that it only shows the background doesn’t show all the content.

Not sure about your Webview, but opening in a new tab works as expected.

Exactly! in another tab it works, but not in the webview…