Broken repl.. website not being opened now.. code error

Question: Why is my repl website redirecting to the replit repl instead of the website

Repl link:

code snippet

There’s an issue with line 45 and 36 and probably more… it worked before but it is now not working and command html and index.html being opened on my phone just crashes it and makes app freeze hosting does not exist anymore. You need to pay for a deployment for others to view it for when you are not in the editor.

View more info in this blog post


To test your website while in the editor, you can press Run and then press New Tab.


Alright! But what about these code errors tho

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Why not? That link is their Repl link. It goes to the Repl.


It could be related. Check if you’re using that link anywhere else in your code. Nevermind, it’s not.

Found your line 45 issue.

You’re trying to set the onclick of multiple tags with the title class, but there is only one element with it. So basically besides title[0] the rest of them like title[1] just don’t exist, resulting in the Cannot set properties of undefined (meaning, it can’t set that value of something that does not exist).

I didn’t see any other errors besides this one.