Bounty "search" box needs urgent fix

From many applications, especially search engines, we are used to having a “search while typing with each key stroke” style.

Unfortunately, replit bounty search is not one of them.

Why? Because, instead of filtering the bounties list only (maybe loading on the way), it refreshes the whole bounty page “div” (or the whole page, could not discriminate). You need to try it to understand the problem: Bounties - Replit

After each keystroke, depending on the size of the total bounties, each refresh takes longer than a second causing a laggy search experience.

Moreover, if you type the next few characters a bit faster than that refresh, the search box fills with nonsense string made from random characters you typed that has passed in between refreshes.

So, please, fix this behavior as soon as possible, because the list is growing each day and you still do not have an extensive search mechanism to adapt it (I hope you have plans for further improvements).