Bounty Review Period

Issue with long bounty reviewing periods (up to 2 days without acceptance)

Recently I’ve noticed that my bounty applications take an incredibly looooooooooooooooong time to process and be reviewed before being presented to the bounty poster. In particular, one of my applications has been sitting for up to two days (:sob:) and still hasn’t been accepted. Is there any particular reason why this may be happening? Thanks in advance for your response. :pray:t6: :man_shrugging:t6:

Where the issue is, here I applied the morning of the 25th


Hey @King-DiorrWillS welcome to the forums!

You are not the only one experiencing this issue. I have escalated this to Replit staff


Thanks for the update, hopefully it gets settled. I know it must be a lot to manually review so many applications, so hopefully theres a solution that doesnt sacrifice checking applications validity.


One update: I just applied to a bounty and got instantly accepted for a reason I dont really understand. All the other applicants had no bounties completed so idk if that was the reaosn why. Has anyone else experienced this?

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