Bounties: Application not getting accepted. (VERY FRUSTRATING)

It’s been over half a DAY! All five of my last applications haven’t gotten rejected or accepted.

The days prior, I found out about bounties and was eager to make some quick cash, I had posted once, got accepted, and got the bounty (Yay)! Then, I tried two more times and got rejected for applying as a team, I understood and then applied as an individual. I did this for 3-4 applications or so, and none of them are accepted yet, it’s been 10 hours, which isn’t the most frustrating part, the most frustrating part is that other people have gotten accepted easily.


I had applied when it said “Posted 14 hours ago” and in that time, @williamferns1 has gotten accepted. (ITS BEEN OVER 7 HOURS!!)

Opera GX:
Update stream: Early Access
System: Windows 10 64-bit
Chromium version:116.0.5845.188


Hi @AlacrityTheGame , welcome to the forums!
This is an issue that is around. The approvals are manual, so it may take a while. Try and complete more Bounties to get accepted faster maybe?


Trust me, some of us have waited for more than 6 months to still have 5+ applications still not be accepted.

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