Blank white screen in the webview

Bug description:
Blank white screen in the webview for any repl

Expected vs Current Behavior:
Expected: Shows how the site really is
Current: Shows a blank page

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link: X
Happens to all my repl, they work fine when opened in new tab, I tried clearing cookies, refreshing, and restartingmy browser. It worked fine 10 minutes ago and all I did was creating a new repl.

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:

Browser/OS/Device: Brave Version 1.50.119

Replit Profile:

Did it suddenly happen on all your Repls at that point of time or is it just this one?

I forked your Repl and ran it and it worked fine in the webview, try clearing your browser cache or CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + R (the shift means this will ignore cache, I don’t know if this works in Brave, but I know it does in Chrome). Otherwise, it is possible this is a browser issue (something to do with Brave).


I do not trust the webview to have accurate results. I often find it to differ from what is displayed in a new tab. This mostly happens with Flask, but I wouldn’t trust it anyway.

This has happened to me before, usually I can fix it by reloading or just waiting for it to load

Well, none of this worked but it fixed itself after some time. This bug has to be fixed though, I don’t know how it happens and how it fixes itself but it’s odd.

Seee what happens if you create a PDF, then make that be your website’s homepage, and access it using the “webview”. :slight_smile: