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When typing source code, every time I type an opening parenthesis/bracket/brace ([{, replit automatically places a closing pair. This is convenient for some, but inconvenient for others. It can make things more confusing and acts as a crutch. I am learning how to code in C, so I am not sure if this feature affects other programming languages, but a toggle in settings to disable this would be amazing.

Hey @c1lynch10!

You can turn this off by turning off Code Intelligence. You can go to your user settings, on the left side a panel should say Tools > click on the Gear :gear: that says User Settings, scroll down until you see Code Intelligence click the slider and it will turn off, you can also turn off AI Autocomplete. This should remove any crutches and you will have to type it all yourself. I hope this helps!

Turning off Code Intelligence does not disable what I am referring to.

@c1lynch10 have you tried turning of AI Autocomplete as well? If that doesn’t work, I guess it is just a base feature, most IDE’s use this feature as it speeds up development and isn’t really a crutch, it’s just to be more efficient, this is needed Feature Requests with how many people want it.

No, the auto-closing brackets aren’t controlled by code intelligence, nor the AI Autocomplete, there’s currently no way to disable them. There’s probably sufficient traction to warrant this Feature Requests at this point.


See the OP’s other topic for more discussion:


Oh I’m blind, this is a feature request. (Edited my above post for clarity)

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