Ask leaderboards are messed up

All seems fine… but no. It isn’t (2 1st places? Arrangement!?):

Weird (arramgement is wrong too):

I noticed that if I went to ‘Today’ on the Staff leaderboard and then went to the TL3 leaderboard, the text still displayed ‘Today’ (it should be ‘All Time’) and the positions of the users are in the All Time state:

Odd? Yes.


for the arrangements, it’s just tied cheers for the same place, right? (I’d say that the next person should be 3rd instead of 2nd, or 4th instead of 3rd, though.)
Another example (browser) :slight_smile: :

Btw I’m still on Oct 31st today.


It’s normal for me.

I couldn’t reproduce any of the screenshots.

That’s the global all time leaderboard, where no one’s scores are tied. :slight_smile:

The daily one isn’t tied either because it resets so often. I have been tied before IIRC and nothing happened like that. Sadly I have ablsolutely no idea where those screenshots are. I thought they were in my screenshots folder.

It appears that, besides the tying problem, the leaderboards show Today if you set it to that in Staff and then went to TL3. And vice-versa.

  1. Go to Staff leaderboard.
  2. Look at ‘Today’.
  3. Go to TL3 leaderboard.
  4. The All Time positions say ‘Today’.
  5. Changing it to the correct ‘Today’ will show the actual results for today.
    How I switched to the next leaderboard was like this: in the sidebar, I made a section with the 3 leaderboards, AMC, the Meta etc. Then, I click on the Staff, switch to ‘Today’ and open the sidebar, then switch to the TL3.

Why so many items? You can just go to the TL3 leaderboard for today.

No, but that is the visual bug where it says ‘Today’ instead of ‘All Time’.
But yes, today on TL3 does show a tie, but the positions are incorrect.

Those don’t look incorrect to me, if anything, it’s better than it was before if it didn’t show them at the same rank and position.


So this is normal?

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Yep evidently it’s a bug fix.

Before this, it would put the two users with the same score in different positions on the leaderboard.