as long as the computer is on and I'm on the site my code works

Problem description:
as long as the computer is on and I’m on the site my code works

Expected behavior:
There are 2 services connected to the replit, which wake up the code through a get request.
This worked for two months.
Now I turn off the computer and leave the site, the replit stops the code from running.
I restarted the code several times, everything works, while I’m on the replit site, as soon as my computer went to sleep because I went to run errands, the code stopped working.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

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This is not a bug. The link only works while you are in the editor.

You now need to deploy your Repl for it to be on.


how to do it?
Previously, everything worked without problems for several months

That’s because this is a new update.

Open the Deployments pane under tools, or click Deploy in the top right of your screen.

I understand that your service is no longer free?

Yes, the old method to keep a Repl always on doesn’t exist anymore.
You can test your Repl while you are developing it or you can “deploy” it on production.
Be careful though, deployments don’t have persistent filesystem and no way to access file from the IDE. You will probably have to rethink your dev before doing that.
And yes it’s a paid feature for dynamic web sites.

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I might as well run all the code from my computer using VS Code for free. It will work exactly the same. I mean while the PC is on. Same as your service.
Why you made a paid service to run simple things is unclear.

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Nope. On VSCode, only you will be able to access it (on your PC). It doesn’t cost to host that. Whereas on Replit it does as.

Also, we are community members. Not staff.


Hmm it’s quite clear.
After years of free hosting, Replit has decided to stop having thousands of Discord Bot or web apps freely hosted on their servers with pings to keep them alive.
It may seem hard but we can all understand they could not give nice servers hosted for free forever.

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Well, i understand why they got rid of that, but honestly i am not putting up with adding a payment method to my (now deleted) account, i dont trust that and frankly, i think they make you put a payment method so they can secretly charge you. Maybe i went a little too far there but you wont know if a company you trust drains your credit or debit card or paypal or whatever you use without you knowing, and plus since im a minor i have to wait about 5 more years (yes i am 13) until i can legally open up a bank account by myself, why i dont just get my parents consent when i make one? Easy, i dont trust other people managing my shet (actual word not allowed). I think i just made an entire rant lol

Friendly reminder that most of ask is community members volunteering their time, not Replit Staff.