Any ideas to add to my web game? Just made this game bout a month ago.

for some reason the 8 looks just like a 0…

yeah. i just like the font.

Why does it say “Open Google Classroom”?

random phrase lol, like minecraft idk

Yeah, I noticed the Minecraft type-thingy lol.
Anyways, nice game – love how you implemented the nerds per click feature that I helped you add! The things like “yacht of nerd” and “extra finger” make me laugh :grin:

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Cool, but make it obvious/clear where to click, and also the image is cut off at the top:

As you can see, I’m scrolled to the top.

Edit: Also center that shop text

Edit 2: Weren’t you gonna add a soundtrack in the back?

this is what it looks like for me

Yeah, depending on the browser, the header is margined different.

Yes, but the soundtrack doesn’t work. :confused:

I think I know how to get it to work

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Oh, I guess my monitor is too small.

How is that? I’ve tried many things.

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What’d you try though?