Any ideas to add to my web game? Just made this game bout a month ago.

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for some reason the 8 looks just like a 0…

yeah. i just like the font.

Why does it say “Open Google Classroom”?

random phrase lol, like minecraft idk

Yeah, I noticed the Minecraft type-thingy lol.
Anyways, nice game – love how you implemented the nerds per click feature that I helped you add! The things like “yacht of nerd” and “extra finger” make me laugh :grin:


Cool, but make it obvious/clear where to click, and also the image is cut off at the top:

As you can see, I’m scrolled to the top.

Edit: Also center that shop text

Edit 2: Weren’t you gonna add a soundtrack in the back?

this is what it looks like for me

Yeah, depending on the browser, the header is margined different.

Yes, but the soundtrack doesn’t work. :confused:

I think I know how to get it to work

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Oh, I guess my monitor is too small.

How is that? I’ve tried many things.

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What’d you try though?

I tried <embed src="song.mp3" loop="true" autostart="true" width="2" height="0">

I think it’d be audio, not embed, and autoplay, not autostart.

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try this:

<audio autoplay loop>
  <source src="horse.ogg" type="audio/ogg">
  <source src="horse.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
Your browser does not support the audio element.

Credits to w3schools, also you can’t set height and width on audio


I’ve used the w3 schools example, but nothing seems to work or me. I am aware that the user has to interact with the site first, but after doing so, nothing happens.

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Does the console have any errors? I can’t check rn sorry

None! This is an issue I’ve been working at for a while.