An unknown file called "result"

Question: I noticed that when I was coding, a file called “result” appeared out of nowhere. It was claimed that this file was created 54 years ago. Can anyone explain what this file is?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:


Hi @VertexStudioOfficial , welcome to the forums!
I can’t see the file:

But anyway, there are 2 things to note:

  1. 54 years ago? Replit wasn’t even created then.
  2. It is likely a file made by Nix for PHP Webservers? Made 54 years ago? Impossible, as both PHP and Nix were made less than 54 years ago.

So with this, I’d say the timestamp is wrong and it’s a bug.

I have experienced this today.

Here are the contents of the file
declare -x HOME="/homeless-shelter"
declare -x NIX_BUILD_CORES="1"
declare -x NIX_BUILD_TOP="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x NIX_LOG_FD="2"
declare -x NIX_STORE="/nix/store"
declare -x OLDPWD
declare -x PATH="/path-not-set"
declare -x PWD="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x SHLVL="1"
declare -x TEMP="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x TEMPDIR="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x TERM="xterm-256color"
declare -x TMP="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x TMPDIR="/tmp/nix-build-nix-shell.drv-0"
declare -x __structuredAttrs=""
declare -x _derivation_original_args="-e /nix/store/"
declare -x _derivation_original_builder="/nix/store/7q1b1bsmxi91zci6g8714rcljl620y7f-bash-5.2-p15/bin/bash"
declare -x buildInputs="/nix/store/fqnmxx1fflnjxaf0a36pkg2bxv92xdk8-ffmpeg-5.1.3-dev"
declare -x buildPhase=$'{ echo "------------------------------------------------------------";\n  echo " WARNING: the existence of this path is not guaranteed.";\n  echo " It is an internal implementation detail for pkgs.mkShell.";\n  echo "------------------------------------------------------------";\n  echo;\n  # Record all build inputs as runtime dependencies\n  export;\n} >> "$out"\n'
declare -x builder="/nix/store/7q1b1bsmxi91zci6g8714rcljl620y7f-bash-5.2-p15/bin/bash"
declare -x cmakeFlags=""
declare -x configureFlags=""
declare -x depsBuildBuild=""
declare -x depsBuildBuildPropagated=""
declare -x depsBuildTarget=""
declare -x depsBuildTargetPropagated=""
declare -x depsHostHost=""
declare -x depsHostHostPropagated=""
declare -x depsTargetTarget=""
declare -x depsTargetTargetPropagated=""
declare -x disallowedReferences=""
declare -x disallowedRequisites=""
declare -x doCheck=""
declare -x doInstallCheck=""
declare -x mesonFlags=""
declare -x name="nix-shell"
declare -x nativeBuildInputs=""
declare -x out="/nix/store/80941sy7ycpxsdi2pc353m008rnzkrxs-nix-shell"
declare -x outputs="out"
declare -x patches=""
declare -x phases="buildPhase"
declare -x preferLocalBuild="1"
declare -x propagatedBuildInputs=""
declare -x propagatedNativeBuildInputs=""
declare -x shellHook=""
declare -x stdenv="/nix/store/5wdlffjhcr4i43sfajxcvx3lvnkryh5y-stdenv-linux"
declare -x strictDeps=""
declare -x system="x86_64-linux"

The file seems to appear when doing stuff related to replit.nix, such as installing System Dependency packages.

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Same here. I just deleted it.

May I add that on newer Python repls, there is no replit.nix file, but when you use System Dependencies to install Nix modules, this result file appears.
Also, in the History of the file, if you click on the ‘54 years ago’ button, you get this:

That file was probably created by the grim cyclemaster before the start of time…

On a more serious note, what happens if you tamper with the contents of the file?

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Its a file containing the Replit ENV vars,
assuming Replit has updated them and has made it so it retains the old copy so it doesn’t fracture your codebase.

@NateDhaliwal Hmm that date seems to be the Epoch Timestamp/Unix Time, it was deemed the start for computers and such. I guess the computer had trouble and defaulted at the Epoch Timestamp instead of the real time.


I have the same .Result file located in one of my latest Repl projects.
For some reason, the content differs from IDE to GIt


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replit.nix is no longer on python repls by default. It only appears when you have more than zero system dependencies.


You can safely delete this “result” file. I accidentally added it as part of building the replit.nix environment in Replit. I’ll fix it soon to not make that file.


The “result” file shouldn’t be created anymore for new sessions.

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