AI using Gemini API

Does anyone know about Gemini API cause I was trying to make an AI of that.


But just check if it is available in your country. Hope this helps.


I knew that website already but I could not integrate it to my website.

Can you describe what you tried so far and where you’re stuck?


I already made an AI with responses and answers given in the javascript already but that would be too long so I wanted to add the Gemini API which is an LLM (Large Language Model). If you want the code I am giving in the next reply.

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Try this:

It gives some quickstart code. Make sure you have installed the package first.

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Yes, but it is of node.js, I wanted of HTML, CSS and Javascript and with Node.js I have already made it:

Gemini has secret keys, correct? If so, that’d be extremely unsafe in a HTML/CSS/JS environment, as your API keys would be public to the world.

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Correct, So it’s not possible!

At the very least, it’s not possible without leaking secret API keys to the whole internet, if not supported at all.