AI quota finished while they said its FREE for all?

Bro my free quota has finished and now it gives an error, while they said its free for basic code snippets. Why is there a quota when they said on main page that its free for all? Also there isn’t any guidance doc about that where we can see what are the limits for free users… its saddening

Hi @anonfaded. Welcome to the forums!
There has been a similar issue reported:

I get this error when i ask ai to generate code:

Failed to handle the request: Rate limit exceeded for basic model

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The quota resets weekly.


oh phew i thought the quota doesn’t reset and replit ai is just like a free trial or smth


what is the weekly limit? How much messages?

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I have no idea but it should show a status bar with a percentage. It probably varies depending on token usage, not messages, but I could be wrong.

For me, it was about 33 I think. (it went down by 3% every message)


for me, i barely used it this week and i just got a notif:

100% quota reached. Upgrade to Pro to get unlimited quota.

what does that mean?

Welcome to Ask @LucianR! That means you cannot use it again this week. The quota should reset weekly. If you upgrade to the Pro plan the basic AI model (the one you’re using) has an unlimited quota and you get a limited quota with the advanced AI model.


When does it reset? Sundays?

@LucianR I think it’s from the day you started that week.


What do you mean by the start of the week?

So let’s say you started using AI that Tuesday, it will renew on the next Tuesday.
1 week from where you started the previous week.


There is a weekly rate/quota that resets 7 days after you ran out of your quota. Replit core has a different system though(unlimited for basic, some limits for advanced)


Why does is still not work? I have been waiting for 2 weeks or so and it still is not reseating look.

Not for me, it does not work.

Try making a Bug Reports for this.


True. It’s probably something that went into the database a while ago and he was on it for the time that it was broken, and now the UI is fixed but not the database reference if you get what I mean.

I just did thanks for the recommendation.