AI chat lets me scroll down but snaps me back up the chat. Can’t copy code lower in chat

Problem description

When I try to scroll down the AI chat history, it snaps me to a certain point. I can read everything lower in the chat, but I can’t copy the code that was generated. The point which I always get snapped back to is a little bit down in the chat history And I’m able to scroll up without any problem. This is definitely a bug

Expected behavior

I should be able to scroll anywhere in the chat history and not get snapped back to a certain point. I should be able to scroll anywhere and be able to select text or copy generated code.

Actual behavior

I get snapped back when I try to scroll down past a certain point

Steps to reproduce

Use an iOS Replit app And scroll down my chat history





Device if mobile




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I should be able to attach a video of what this looks like to a support ticket and I can’t do that. I can’t even find a way to attach an image. What’s going on here?

Upload your image to and you can send the link here.

Click the box with an arrow popping vertically out to upload a file.

Try exiting the repl and re-entering it, or close the AI tab and re-open it.

Idk if it lets new users

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