Adjusting Privacy for Projects?

I am testing out the new version of the Education system on to see if it will work for me in the future.

I like the way that Team Projects behave, but I’d actually like to be able to adjust the privacy of projects.

Right now, if I import one of my own public repls as a project, the project remains public to the world, in addition to getting all the standard project teams features. you can see an example at FileReaderWriter - Replit - if I open that in an incognito I can see the project, see the code, fork it, and so on, same as any public project.

If I make a new project, it is essentially a private repl. So , a project I made directly, will give you a 404 when you click it, but the project exists and I can see it.

I feel like I should be able to adjust each of these. I should be able to set the imported projects to private if I want, so it remains “secret” (I know I’d have to delete the original project for that to be ‘bulletproof’, but that’s on me). I should also be able to set the built-in-teams projects to public so I can share a direct link to the project code to people not in my class; for example teachers in other schools. But it appears that neither of those are currently possible?

Hey, @DavidGriswold welcome to the forums.

I think they can not be public because it could leak student info (such as name). If you want to share the project with other people you can make a public repo on your account or a repository or gist on Github.