Adding advanced code advisers to replit

First, a compliment: Your autocomplete reads my mind! It is both awesome and a bit spooky.

Recently, Zack Vorhese demonstrates an AI code writer that does ~90 of the coding for you using your verbal instructions: GitHub - zackees/zcmds: Cross platform(ish) productivity commands written in python . Is there a way I can integrate this into replit. As I get better at using it, I could migrate to VSC instead of replit, maybe.

I’m pursuing RAG LLM AI for my company, and while a junior Python programmer, I want to have AI write some amazing features I’ve been dreaming of on top of Pinecone Canopy and various LLM AIs. For example, I want to ask the AI to:"Write a Fleisch-Kincaid text analyzer to run on every query you receive from an identified user and add that to a text file containing a list of all the users’ previous queries. The text file should have 3 paramets for each line: userid, datetimeofquery, and Fleish-Kincaid score. Then. write code that will prepend the following statement to the context of all queries. “The response should use use words, languange, and gammar consistent with a Fleish-Kincaid score of {average user Fleish-Kincaid score}” .

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You can use Replit Extensions to customize Replit. While you can’t make a transparent text suggestion like Replit AI does, you can make a side panel that you can ask questions with and copy code from.