Add environment variables into replit

Describe your feature request
I was wonder if you could add the ability to add a way to set environment variables outside of code.
What problem(s) would this feature solve?
sometimes you don’t want other people to know things like credentials or other things like passwords which should not be known by people looking at code.
Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
I was trying to make a login program but i don’t want people to know password.

This is a perfect use-case for Replit’s secrets functionality!

Make sure you’re not using a static (“HTML/CSS/JS”) repl, those don’t have a backend.

i was told the secrets section does the same thing but its not in html/css/js projects. It basicly forces you to do a flask and even then i don’t think you can use it. also the whole secrets thing is kinda dumb, please explain to me the difference between secrets and the database future other than database has way more coding options for it.

I understand just that when I set the environment variables for python. when other people run replit the project cannot access environment variables.

you have to import it first

just that the secrets tab it is easier to add secrets and not have to add in code a function to add a key and value

That is intended behavior. Should they be able to access them?

what is the secrets library called.

but the function getenv() in code cannot access them.

If you want them to be able to access them, edit the [env] section of the .replit file.

just that someone could look at .replit file and then get the value for secret

If you want environment variables to be secret, then they must not be accessible for other users.

they wouldn’t get the value only the name

No, they’d be able to see the value.

i wana see this code where is it?

if you’re making a login system where people can create multiple accounts secrets wont work. (i don’t think at least) because you have to manually create them this is a case where you have to use the database. otherwise if your login system has one account or only a few pre-made accounts then secrets will work. Also can i see you code because there’s no way a user is able to see the value of a secret. even when you fork it you cant take the values

Why do you need to see their code?

well they can change it if theres private info in it. i just want to see it because theres no way you can even get the value of the secret from looking at the code