Add deleted files to Repl file history

Describe your feature request
Add a list of your deleted files to your repl history so that you can restore them if you want them back (rather than having to remember the name of all your files and do the trick of recreating them)

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Add a practical solution for when users want to restore deleted files

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
When you forget the name of a file that you have deleted, but want to be able to restore it.


Then it isn’t exactly deleting them then.

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In that case, it doesn’t delete them anyway as if you create a file with the name of the deleted file, you can see it in the history.

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As I’ve already said, I am aware you can create a file with the same name, but what happens when you can’t remember your file name? This is not practical. You cannot get your file back.

Replit clearly still stores the file, so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement my suggestion.


When you delete a repl, you can recover it, does that mean we should rename “delete repl”? Or just acknowledge that when you delete something, very rarely do you actually remove all records of its existence.


If you delete some code of a hidden file (cannot remember what file) then the file will only be created and the code will not come back

I don’t think you can delete the code after the file has been deleted. You still can restore it by creating a new file with the same name and file path

I know but if you remove some code of a file which is not the deleted and is a hiddennfile then it is no more accessible l.

I tested it and I am still able to restore the file. Is it possible if you could show me what you done to produce the error?

I am on my phone so I can’t plus I forgot which file. You just have to delete the name of the file from the file for no code to come after the creation.