Add a new output shortcut system

Describe your feature request:- please add sortcut output system.

**What problem(s) would this feature solve?**if developer add this feature it will be happy and time will not be wasted

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request basically iam a tablet user when i write a code then i click the working button but the output show on other page i think on the left side will be my code and right side will be my output then when i click on left side or click on working button then the output show on my left side.
I think this feature is best sortcut
My opinion.

There might be not enough space of your screen to have 2 tabs side-by-side.

Iam tablet user 10.2 iche display size
But when i click the working button it gives a uncomfortable.
I think when developer add extra output system
Like left side code output and right side code editor
Then it will be happy

Add this feature only for tablet user

So will the tablet have to be in landscape mode for there to be enough space?
It won’t be very intuitive either.
As of now, the tab switches to Console/Output/Webview to show the putput of your code, so you don’t need to swipe anything, just coming back to the code.
If it were side-by-side, the wrappping would be hideous and be very difficult to code.

@NateDhaliwal There are many people here who use tablet or ipad but they don’t have any laptop or computer so they choose Replit as the best app.
Everything is fine but adding the output shortcut might be better
Time saving + direct output can be seen on one screen.
No need to go to another tab.
I want this feature to be available only for tablet or iPad users.
Thank you

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Try the site and clicking Request Desktop Site? Might work better.

I tried but sadly the keyboard work slowly
And i use bluetooth keyboard that’s why when i click on some buttom the button does not work :cry:

I would have been happier if this feature had been added.:cry: