Access to non-secure broswers

I work in a school and students are able to search for browsers with in replit and access home made browsers that circumvent our blocking policies. I have tried to block the following URLs, but it does not work, does anyone have any ideas?


Hi @AndrewNoble,

This can be pretty frustrating, and honestly, I would just recommend blocking the entire domain. This would prevent access to proxies (what you are calling non-secure browsers), but it would also block non-proxy sites, and if your students are using it to actually code, they wouldn’t be able to access their pages anymore.

If that’s an issue, is a good alternative, allowing students to continue making their projects, and it would not be possible to create a proxy as it disallows projects from connecting to the internet.

TLDR, blocking the domain should disallow students from accessing proxies.

If you want some more information on how proxies work, @python660’s guide is extremely helpful. The guide also lists some other commonly used proxies if you want to consider blocking them too.


And probably itself as well (since people can still run Selenium browsers inside the actual cover page and not just an actual webpage)

not really, these “browsers” rely on the endpoint, which is where all repls are hosted. just allows for this forum and a code editor (without running and saving)