about the replit terminal

terminal does not work, does not run the codes I wrote
I opened a new file and pasted the codes, it worked at first, then I added new variables, it didn’t work terminal
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Hi @BenDerya thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

I had a look at your code and think what is happening is that you are expecting the file degiskenler.py to run but Repls default to running main.py.


To change this please edit the .replit file.

Hope this helps!

hayır maalesef hala çalışmıyor

it didn’t work can you help me

Hi @BenDerya

I took a look at your code. The reason there is no output is because you have switched the variables around in the second IF statement:

dolarDun = 7.65
dolarBugun = 7.75

if dolarDun>dolarBugun:
  print("azalış oku")
if dolarBugun<dolarDun:
  print("artış oku")

if dolarDun==dolarBugun:
  print("eşittir oku")

Please change it to:

if dolarDun<dolarBugun:
  print("artış oku")
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