About running a new created file in html

I am trying to run two files separately. I have saved index.html in a folder and the new file is separate. How can I open these two files since when i try to run one of them, the web view says not found

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In your primary directory, there is no index.html file. Consider setting the name of raj.html to index.html to resolve this.


Additionally, you are setting loading an image from your computer, which does not work on Replit. Instead, upload a file by pressing the ... on the files pane, and pressing Upload File. Then, you can set the ‘src’ value to the file’s name.


Hmm… It looks like your file is not running because replit defaults to running index.html. Since your index.html is in the trial folder, it will not run, and since the file you are trying to run is called raj.html, that will also not run. Change the name of raj.html to index.html to get that up and running!

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Thanks all. It all worked out after I followed your guidelines

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I am also facing the same problem,my html file are not able to run if it is not named as index.html
could you tell me how your problem got solved?
I just started learning coding so it would be very helpful for me.

Hey. To run a html file, the only solution is to name the file as index.html. So when you create a new file, change the previous file to a new name and name the current file as index.html. There is no other solution

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Hey, @varshalakum12!
HTML programs will automatically run your index.html file, but you can still hyperlink your other HTML files in the index file, like this:

<a href=“other.html”>Go to other.html page</a>