About Neon Postgres SQL Backup process

I am using postgres SQL provided by Neon.
Does Neon back up my data, or do I have to back up my database?
If Neon does the backup, how would I go about requesting a copy on a certain date?

Neon does not provide backup functionality. You will have to backup the database.

Also, please do not post questions irrelevant to Replit on this forum. Instead, use

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IIRC, isn’t the PSQL that Replit provides powered by neon?

Well yeah but OP isn’t using that, are they?

Hard to tell honestly. They might be, might not.

Below is the CORRECT answer, sent by Replit support.

"Hello fotografiadmd,

Thank you for contacting Replit Support.

Neon backs up 7 days worth of data. Restoration would be a manual process so you’d reach out to us and we’d collaborate with Neon.

If you have any questions in particular for Neon, you are welcome to join their Discord server:

Hope it helps. Thank you and have a good rest of your day.

Kind regards,
Suzy Lockwood
Replit Support Engineer"

I mean, alright? It’s fair to assume that you weren’t using Replit’s Postgres, you kept mentioning Neon.

Just a reminder that we are volunteers taking time out of our days to respond to people like you.

Suzy, the staff member who responded to you, also linked the same documentation that @python660 did:

There’s no reason to be so upset with us, you are after all the one who decided to post on this community forum.