A tutorial on how to make editor tutorials

I am trying to create a tutorial on replit for HTML, CSS, and JS and I just came across a method of creating a folder called .tutorial and creating a bunch of md files. I do think this is great and all, but I soon found out that the only information on this is an about 4 minute video. I wanted to make this interactive, but I couldn’t really find any information. I asked Ghostwriter and it sent me to a nonexistent doc page. Can somebody make a video that either goes really in depth or just create a doc?


Making a tutorial interactive isn’t really possible with the tutorial structure Replit has designed (at least as of right now), however, using HTML, CSS & JS you can create your own interactive tutorial. Here’s an example of an interactive tutorial, it uses iframes in order to create interactivity. If you fork it and show hidden files, it might help you get an idea of what you could do. :smile:


On that note, is there a way for certain files to open up when a certain tutorial page is open?

Like an html page opening up when you move on to the next page

I don’t think so, but you might be able to achieve this with an extension. I’m fact, an extension might be a good Avenue to explore for interactivity too.